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Donut Cat Bed & Tunnel: Indoor Training, Dual-Use

Donut Cat Bed & Tunnel: Indoor Training, Dual-Use

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 Spoil your feline friend with our versatile Donut Cat Bed & Tunnel! Perfect for indoor training, this dual-use product provides a cozy bed for lounging and a fun tunnel for playtime. Give your kitty the ultimate comfort and entertainment they deserve! đŸŸđŸ˜șđŸ©


Foldable and Storage Cat Channel 
Style: Blue 
Material : wool felt 
Function: play 
Use range: universal for cats

Size50*20 fit for 3.6kg Pet

Size 52*22 fit for 4kg pets


1. There is 1-3cm error due to manual measurement 
2. There is a certain color difference due to different displays

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Russell Lehner

Ordered 2, second came a week or more after the first. Packed rolled up, so some wrinkling will need to be worked out. Keyo investigated the one that came in today, immediately after assembly and placing on the floor.

Wilhelmine Bergstrom

It came tightly and tightly packed, a little bent, I hope it will regain its shape over time, but the cats are happy

Kacie Considine

Product arrived early, was packed very tightly but unfolded just fine. Has a couple indents from being packed but didn’t stop the cats from getting in. The zipper seems a bit flimsy but as long as it zips together fine the first time, I don’t see why it needs to be used after that.

Dovie Kuhic

It looks very small and it is a bit too, I was afraid that the cats would not fit in, more that it is for some rabbit... But cats nonetheless satisfied, whole Adult trio, each weighing 5 kg

Jadon Weimann

Thank you, the packaging is not very good, but everything arrived well. Of course there are dents, but this is not critical, the most important thing that the cat liked, he climbed inside and lay down on top of the hole. In short, I recommend the product and the seller, but it is advisable to improve the packaging.